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Glacial Retreat, Mural 2021
Mural painted in collaboration with Color Block, inspired by Alaska. Can be viewed on the back of the Sojourner House in the alley behind Shift Cyclery & Coffee Bar. Life expectancy unknown due to remodeling at Sojourner House. 

Engulfed, Materialized  2019
Installation for Pablo Center's "Now: Emerging Artists of the Chippewa Valley," created with transparent fabric, paint and fishing wire. Inspired by the tall gallery windows, the installation was site specifically created to capture the outdoor light and mimic the movement of air and water visible outside. The plastic effect of the fabric alludes to the debris that often clogs our waterways. 

Moss Caves - Eaux Claires Music and Arts Festival 2017
Responding to the need for a soft place to stop and relax, three beds of moss covered with stick woven caves were staggered around the outdoor festival for guests to sit, lay or congregate.  

Constellation Chart for Eau Claire Children's Museum

I created this painting as part of an Artist-in-Residence at the Children's Museum of Eau Claire. In this collaborative work, I invited children to draw creatures which I later transformed into night sky constellations.  The finished work was created by using watercolor to create a universe backdrop with the unique constellations painted on top in a diagram style.

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