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Holli Jacobson is a visual artist living in Eau Claire, WI. Her recent paintings are abstractions of time spent in her native backyard garden, a place constantly vibrating with life. Plants of various colors, shapes and sizes evolve throughout the year with creatures of all types finding places to land or live. These outdoor encounters turn into painting inspiration from memory or photographs. Holli recently began outdoor Plein Air painting, a sometimes challenging but rewarding process uniting her love of the outdoors and art. Her previous paintings focused on the theme of climate change and its effects on the landscape.

Holli's art studio is located in Studio 121, Building 13 of Banbury Place, the former Uniroyal tire factory converted into art studios and work spaces after its 1992 closure. Banbury Place holds an annual art crawl in February, attracting talented local artists and makers. We also have quarterly art markets with food and music. Click here to find the schedule. 

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